Glucosamine Supplement For Horses

Glucosamine supplement for horses is as essential for overall health as water and food for horses. Horses cartilage is an essential component of bones and muscle development. With time and activity, joints and connective tissues become brittle and fragile, especially with age, just like human bones and cartilage. Horses are prone to arthritis, especially inflammatory and degenerative arthritis, just like people. Glucosamine for horses however, helps build fluid in the joints much more rapidly than any other medication or method.

Glucosamine For Horses

Glucosamine is a natural substance that promotes greater flexibility in the joints. Apart from aging, overuse and frequent over-exercising all contribute to joint deterioration and pain. Horses are especially prone to cartilage and connective tissue destruction because of the heavy burdens they tend to carry whether work horses or racing horses. Glucosamine for horses is one of the few natural mechanisms that help repair collagen and cartilage.

Glucosamine as Natural Healer for Horses

Glucosamine has natural healing capabilities. Glucosamine for horses has very few side effects, including nausea and upset stomach. Glucosamine may also cause heart burn. Medications that help relieve pain may cause even more side effects, including internal bleeding.

Studies show that two supplements, including glucosamine HCL and glucosamine sulfate work well for horses. Of the two glucosamine sulfate likely works better over the long-term to help reduce the long-term effects of joint deterioration in horses.

Horses may take up to 5000mg of glucosamine sulfate daily.

Glucosamine Dosing For Horses

Glucosamine for horses should be taken in doses of 5000 mg daily indefinitely. Studies show that horses may benefit by taking glucosamine with chondroitin and MSM. These supplements when combined offer the maximum potential for cartilage replacement and reduce inflammation.

Glucosamine can also be taken by younger horses to help prevent joint deterioration and to strengthen joints. Glucosamine, when offered early in life, may foster improved joint fluid and help reduce the risk of injury in horses. Studies also show that horses given glucosamine following surgery are likely to recover more quickly than horses not offered glucosamine.

Best Glucosamine Products For Horses

The best program for horses and other animals are those offered a combination of glucosamine and a total wellness program aimed at protecting the bones and joints from osteoarthritis. A diet that is healthy in a combination of bone promoting materials and a diet that improves flexibility, including omega-3 fatty acids will help strengthen the ligaments and connective tissues generally and enhance overall flexibility.

To determine what glucosamine for horses brands are best, consult with a qualified veterinary professional. Some examples include Regenex for Horses. Food stores, clinics, and online venues offer glucosamine for horses.


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